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Arvest Bank has provided borrowers with mortgage loan services for their new homes for over 25 years. In 2006 alone, Arvest Bank made over 7,000 home loans, providing over $1 Billion in funds to borrowers. Established in 1981 as an avenue for secondary market financing for the member banks of Arvest Bank Group, Arvest Bank is now a premier home loan mortgage lender in the Arkansas, Oklahoma, SW Missouri and SE Kansas markets.

Home loan borrowers experience first hand the personalized service, quick response and efficient processing of their mortgages. One of the things that make Arvest Bank unique is that we retain the servicing of over 99% of the loans we make. This should give you peace of mind that your loan will mostly likely stay right here as opposed to being sold off to some stranger in another state.


Mortgage Loan Services

No matter the home loan need - whether you're a first time home owner or seeking mortgage refinancing services - Arvest Bank has the product for any situation:

  • Conventional 30, 25, 20, and 10 year fixed
  • Conventional 1, 3, 5 and 7 year adjustable
  • My Community Mortgages up to 100% LTV
  • FHA and VA loans
  • One Time Close Construction to Permanent loans
  • First Time Buyer Bond Programs
  • Rural Development financing
  • Non-prime Mortgages


Arvest Bank Services 99% of their Loans

Why is servicing important to YOU?

A mortgage is one of the most significant financial services available to a consumer, and it is important to have a home loan mortgage lender who you can turn to with assistance and customer service after the loan closing. Arvest retains servicing on almost all mortgages, which means you won't get your loan through Arvest and then suddenly be dealing with an unknown mortgage servicing company.

Having Arvest means that not only do you receive a very competitive interest rate on your loan, but you will continue to be able to deal directly with me in the future. You can be assured in consistency in how you make your payments, get answers to questions about your mortgage and even do a streamlined refinance should the need arise.

 - Randy Dunham, Arvest Bank 

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